Keep Learning

Sometimes you need to start something new, that’s what is going on here. This is me trying to relearn how to make websites while I start a new hobby. I’m going to be taking a wood carving class, assuming it doesn’t get canceled or something else out of my control. I’m really excited about it so hopefully nothing of the sort happens.

While I’ll be learning how to do woodcarving, I’ll also be taking a short community education class on photography as well as finishing another irrelevant community college course. Yeah, I keep busy.

I tend to be a bit of a quitter, my goal here is to follow through and to learn a new skill/hobby and put a proper amount of hard work and effort into it.

I also paint! So, check back for photography, painting and in about a month or two wood carving!

I’m hoping to improve my photography and start taking video as well- creative pursuits to follow.

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