Carving Progress

I haven’t had time to go through the video yet, however, here is a picture of my first project.

Carved wooden dog, unpainted
Unfinished but carved

I plan to paint this little pooch and finish but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I’ve also started a boot today while I was home sick (after sleeping most of the day- feeling much improved now):

Boot in progress

The book this pre-cut out shape came with has instructions to turn it into a cow boy boot but I’m aiming for a witch boot. It’s not going very well. The grain is going toward the heel and I’m having trouble with that.

I also went in to cut out the project for the class I’m taking, with the help of the instuctor, on a band saw.

Birds cut out and scrapes

I’m going to try to use the scrap wood for sometging as well. I’d like to start carving tonight but I really should go to bed early since I’ve come down with a cold or something and I wouldn’t want to feel worse yo morrow when I started feeling better in the afternoon.

A pair of bird shapes

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