A Visit to Woodcraft

There is a couple of local woodcarving stores in my area, I checked out one earlier this week.

Woodcraft storefront
Bloomington, MN

They had so much there, fortunately their helpful staff was able to help me find what I was looking for and even demonstrated one of the knives.

Wood carving books
Some of the books at Woodcraft

It was difficult to decide which book to buy and I’m interested in multiple types of carving. I found some things to buy of course, including a knife the teacher said wasn’t very good but I tried it at tad at the store and bought it.

My haul- book, knife, protect tape, block of wood
Including flyers I grabbed on the way out.

They had a flyer for the Minnesota Makers fair in June, I’m thinking of going it sounds fun.

This store Woodcraft in Bloomington, MN also offers classes, which I’m interested in taking as well. I will see what I have time for, they have classes and supplies for other wood crafts as well. I saw some things for wood turning and that looks cool as well-organized – one thing at a time!

It was difficult to stop myself from buying more wood and knoves/gauges for other types of woodcarving (carve out, chip out, etc).

Of course there are 2 other stores in the Twin Cities area that I’m aware of yet to check out as well as the internet. More to come soon.

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