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In adjusting to back to school time I haven’t had much time to update this website. I have been updating my Instagram and I also have two paintings for sale on Etsy.

I started carving a weiner-dog awhile back but I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied.

My hubby will be selling some of my paintings along with his books at Crypticon this November, I’ve been trying to finish a few paintings up to send with him.

A pair of birds

I realized I never posted the finished birds and I’ve already given one away. Here’s a sanded and a carved. After this picture I sanded the other, stained with tung oil and coated in polyurethane.

A pair of birds

Carving Progress

I haven’t had time to go through the video yet, however, here is a picture of my first project.

Carved wooden dog, unpainted
Unfinished but carved

I plan to paint this little pooch and finish but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I’ve also started a boot today while I was home sick (after sleeping most of the day- feeling much improved now):

Boot in progress

The book this pre-cut out shape came with has instructions to turn it into a cow boy boot but I’m aiming for a witch boot. It’s not going very well. The grain is going toward the heel and I’m having trouble with that.

I also went in to cut out the project for the class I’m taking, with the help of the instuctor, on a band saw.

Birds cut out and scrapes

I’m going to try to use the scrap wood for sometging as well. I’d like to start carving tonight but I really should go to bed early since I’ve come down with a cold or something and I wouldn’t want to feel worse yo morrow when I started feeling better in the afternoon.

A pair of bird shapes

Smokey Mountain 

Before I visited Woodcraft I had gone online and er, disregarded what the teacher recommended because I’m a cheapskate and bought a beginners kit from Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers Supply in Tennessee. As well as a thumb guard and a block of wood.

Beginners kit (knife, sharpening block, instruction book, cut out shapes of wood)

It came pretty quickly, I ordered on a Tuesday night and received Friday.

The knife isn’t great, I was working on the dog for a couple of hours last night and ended up using the knife from Woodcraft. More on how the carving went, including video, to come up next.

A Visit to Woodcraft

There is a couple of local woodcarving stores in my area, I checked out one earlier this week.

Woodcraft storefront
Bloomington, MN

They had so much there, fortunately their helpful staff was able to help me find what I was looking for and even demonstrated one of the knives.

Wood carving books
Some of the books at Woodcraft

It was difficult to decide which book to buy and I’m interested in multiple types of carving. I found some things to buy of course, including a knife the teacher said wasn’t very good but I tried it at tad at the store and bought it.

My haul- book, knife, protect tape, block of wood
Including flyers I grabbed on the way out.

They had a flyer for the Minnesota Makers fair in June, I’m thinking of going it sounds fun.

This store Woodcraft in Bloomington, MN also offers classes, which I’m interested in taking as well. I will see what I have time for, they have classes and supplies for other wood crafts as well. I saw some things for wood turning and that looks cool as well-organized – one thing at a time!

It was difficult to stop myself from buying more wood and knoves/gauges for other types of woodcarving (carve out, chip out, etc).

Of course there are 2 other stores in the Twin Cities area that I’m aware of yet to check out as well as the internet. More to come soon.

First Day of Class

Welcome back!

Today was the day, I started my new adventure in wood carving with a community education course. You can never be too sure what to expect with community ed courses, the teachers tend to be volunteers or are generally just getting a cut of whatever you’re paying for the course.

For this course my teacher was an older neighbor of mine who was doing this as a volunteer. While he did speak about tools, types of wood, and types of carving he wanted to talk primarily about motivation through personal stories. He enjoys spreading happiness through wood carving, I enjoy sharing my art as well so respect there totally. I took notes and I think I got the information I needed, I have been reading online as well so hopefully between the those sources I will have things figured out enough to start carving sometime within the next few weeks.

There are a couple of local wood carving shops, however, he directed us to order our knives online from Helvie or Knotts. Still being a tad unsure of what knife or knives to get I decided to order the beginner kit from Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply and go to the local locations in person to look at other knives before buying further. I will need a knife by the next class when we will carve birds out of birchwood (I think? He’s picking it up for us and then we pay him back. Here’s wishing I spent less money last month).

One thing I ‘ought to have thought more about before starting this adventure: it seems there will be use of saws to cut down wood. I had hoped it wouldn’t, I had taken a wood working class in junior high and I had hated it largely due to the loud noises and well the blades made me a tad nervous at fourteen or however old I was at the time. It may be fine now, I could probably wear noise canceling headphones or earplugs when in that room and be fine.

I’m still excited to get started, although possibly a tad nervous as well. Hoping to be able to post pictures with my future posts, it didn’t seem appropriate to take one in class but there may be opportunities in the future. I’d really like to document my progress when I start actually carving and I’d like to use video as well so we have that to look forward to.

My next post will hopefully be some time this week, probably after I get my butt to one or more of those local stores.

Until then,


Keep Learning

Sometimes you need to start something new, that’s what is going on here. This is me trying to relearn how to make websites while I start a new hobby. I’m going to be taking a wood carving class, assuming it doesn’t get canceled or something else out of my control. I’m really excited about it so hopefully nothing of the sort happens.

While I’ll be learning how to do woodcarving, I’ll also be taking a short community education class on photography as well as finishing another irrelevant community college course. Yeah, I keep busy.

I tend to be a bit of a quitter, my goal here is to follow through and to learn a new skill/hobby and put a proper amount of hard work and effort into it.

I also paint! So, check back for photography, painting and in about a month or two wood carving!

I’m hoping to improve my photography and start taking video as well- creative pursuits to follow.

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